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Hotels No More!

RRP $300.00

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Cindy Henke's new user-friendly directory Hotels NO More! offers alternative lodging opportunities such as: bed & breakfasts, historic hotels, casinos, chalets, RV parks, campgrounds, spiritual & holistic centers, spas, hot springs, lighthouses, huts, hogans, teepees, bunkhouses, ranches farmhouses, fishing & hunting camps, nudist retreats, trailer park rentals, private homes, houseboats, covered wagons, and even a caboose! Lodging opportunities are listed by city, town and state, and proximity to national and state parks, lakes, airports, colleges, hospitals, military facilities, and tourist attractions. Want to rent a houseboat in Lake Powell, Utah? Simply look up Lake Powell alphabetically to find houseboat listings or look in the cross-reference section to find other lodging within a 30-mile radius.Because of the diversity of the listings in Hotels NO More!, the book can be used for all types of travel from business to casual and from small town to large city. Plus, when all the mainstream hotels and motels are booked, such as during a convention or sports event, alternatives can be found in Hotels NO More! Many of the facilities listed offer special prices for corporate and group bookings. Hotels NO More! is the most complete listing of affordable, high-quality alternative lodging available. Although it was written for travel agents to help them better serve their clients (both private and corporate), it can also be used by anyone who wants to create a unique travel experience. Author Cindy Henke also provides a web site that is being constantly updated, including international entries: No more searching from web site to web site because everything you need to know about alternative lodging is cross-referenced in one place.

Rendezvous At A Small Hotel

RRP $39.99

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Rendezvous at a Small Hotel is the fifth volume in the exciting series about the Hotel Marcel in the city of Paris near The Eiffel Tower. Elizabeth, an American widow in her 60s, returns to the small hotel, as she does yearly. For her, it is a visit with a purpose--to reconnect with her artist lover, Brit, with whom she has lost contact. Her search leads her to the Normandy beaches and the American cemetery at Colleville-sur-Mer. In the wake of her pursuit, a number of adventures occur, involving a vindictive Qatari sheikh, a secret wedding, aiding and abetting the planting of illegal Italian grape seedlings at the chateau of her American friend, La Marquise de Chevigny, and a final rendezvous at the Hotel Marcel.

The City of Light is Elizabeth's passion to which she is drawn every few months. In the sixth volume, entitled Intrigue at a Small Hotel, Elizabeth is troubled by a malicious woman from the past who seeks to ruin her life. Intrigue will be available in early 2016."

Building A Minecraft City

RRP $14.95

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The coolest kid-friendly Minecraft projects

If you have a Minecraft fanatic on your hands, you're about to be the most popular adult on the "block." Offering young Minecraft enthusiasts the ultimate sandbox experience, Building a Minecraft City gives kids aged 7 – 11 an outlet to enhance their love of the game and take their creative play to new heights.

Brought to you by the trusted For Dummies brand, this kid-focused book offers step-by-step instructions and simple explanations for completing projects that will teach your child invaluable new skills-all while having a ton of fun! They'll gain confidence as they design and build truly impressive Minecraft structures, and you'll delight in watching them develop and refine their problem-solving skills as they work on their own. It's a win-win!

  • Features a kid-friendly design that is heavy on eye-popping graphics
  • Focuses on three basic projects that set young readers on the road to further exploration
  • Boasts a small, full-color, accessible package that instills confidence in the reader
  • Introduces basic engineering concepts to kids in a way they can understand

Screen time can be as educational as it is fun, and this book shows your child how to approach their favorite game from a new angle to think-and do-outside the box.

Economy Hotels In China

RRP $336.99

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While economy or budget hotels have been popular in western countries since the end of the Second World War, they have only emerged as a sector in their own right in China since the mid-1990s. Indeed, as a new service industry sector, economy hotels in China demonstrate important characteristics which can be used to illustrate and help explain China's current economic progress more generally.

This book provides a comprehensive overview of the economy hotel sector in China. It covers macro-level social-cultural, economic, environmental, geographic and development issues, alongside micro-level consideration of the budget hotel companies' innovative management and marketing procedures, business expansion strategies, general hotel management and operation issues, as well as an analysis of some leading entrepreneurs in the sector, and in-depth case studies examining the most successful economy hotel companies in China. Huang and Sun argue that the rapid development of budget hotels in China demonstrates how, under the influence of globalisation, Chinese businesses have become more innovative as they apply successful western business models to China. In turn, they show that the China model is fundamentally different in terms of its driving force, which lies purely in its domestic travel market, fuelled by China's continued economic growth. There is therefore much to explore about both China's market situation and business practices in the economy hotel sector and this book makes an important contribution to our understanding of China's new business environment.

Based on extensive fieldwork and investigation, Economy Hotels in China will be welcomed by students and scholars of tourism, hospitality, business studies and Chinese studies, but it will also appeal to practitioners of business management in these sectors who are interested in China's development and business opportunities in China.


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